Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3

The Real 911 in Zenith Blue

Tan interior on a 911 Carrera

Hobby Design Photo Etch Set

Hobby Design Window Mask

After the last couple of builds, which have been full detail kits, I thought I deserved a bit of a rest and desided the next kit would be a shorter and slightly easier build, this Tamiya kit doesn't have an engine as such, but has the basic engine detail molded into the base of the chassis, and just needs a few parts fixing on, so looking from the underneath of the model will look like it has an engine fitted.

The one thing I like about this kit is the interior, one thing I don't like is interior's that come molded as one piece, it's hard to detail the side panels easily, this one come with the floorpan as one part, and the side panels supplied as seperate parts, the body looks spot on, so apart from dulling down the wheels, which look a little too shiney to me, they will be getting a coat of gloss aluminium that's used to repaint alloy wheels on the real thing.

Now to the body colour, I had thought about doing it to match the box art, which is Speed Yellow, but that was too bright for me, I'm not a great fan of silver, and didn't want to do it in the classic Porsche red, so after looking at photo's of the real car on the 'net, I decided on the colour of Zenith blue with a tan interior.

Before starting this model I bought a couple of aftermarket pieces, one was a window mask set, as they don't come in this kit, although Tamiya do supply them in some of there later kits, I also bought the Photo Etch set, both sets are made by Hobby design, now I just need to get the paint ordered.